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Doomed to Repeat History...Until We Learn From History's Teaching

Government, as well as the public, forgets or fails to look at what happened in the past.  Today we have more access to information than ever before in history but we seem to be making more of the same mistakes.  Why?

What if a historical search of legitimate publications were done on issues?  What if we looked into the past results of issues and their past solutions?  We definately would not be dealing with the same issues year after year (or century after century).  And we certainly would not be relying on government for solutions after failing us with one unsuccessful program after another.

What is history trying to teach us? 

This page is an opportunity to start documenting those teachings and begin the process of not repeating the disasters in history.  Please e-mail us at with your stories to be shared here.

May 5th, 2015
Michigan's Ballot Proposal
Anybody who uses the words
"Transportation Fund" vs. "Road Construction"
as a justification for supporting Proposal 1

is either trying to manipulate you
doesn't have a clue of what they are talking about.

The 2 parts to Proposal 1:

1) SALES TAX:  Zero is going to road construction
2) GAS TAX:  Less than 40% is going to road construction

Why would someone support Prop 1?
1) You enjoy being lied to
2) You enjoy rewarding people for not doing their jobs correctly
3) You enjoy blowing $10 million for a special unnecessary May election

Roman Empire
LESSON:  How an Empire can fall apart when politicians and government employees focus on themselves (on how to get ahead) instead of focusing on The People.

LESSON:  When elected officials and special interests (like modern day unions) become more powerful than The People of the nation, The People become a servant to the "Public Servant".  A harsh role reversal.

US Prohibition
War on Drugs
1970's Oil Shortage
Focus on Insurance vs. Health (and government regulation)
Schools -- More money but less education

Local City Politics --
LESSON:  When you are caught doing something bad, the bad people can manipulate you all they want.  This information was found out during a 2011 election campaign and unfortunately this man is still stuck in their web.

2011 City Council Candidate

Don't believe what you read in an advertisement, SEE the supporting information for yourselves: 
~  Ypsilanti Press Feb., 21, 1978:
            Ron Frederick's "dirty" campaigning

            Being sworn in as Ypsilanti Council Member

~  Macomb County Elections - Campaign Finance: 
            Frederick's conflicts of interest contributions
         City Contracts: Landscape Services, Shamrock Cab, 
         Joe Tiseo - Tiseo Bros. Construction, Roy Rose - AEW,
         Current and past police chiefs, Official Towing,
         Gilbert's Hardware,  Liggett of Shores Theater, Bob
         Ihrie - City Attorney, Gary Crandall - POA President,
         UAW, and many more...see if you can spot them...   

~  2011 Freedom of Information Act requests:
        Ron's emails weren't scritinized by the union?
                FOIA Request from POA Pres. Gary Crandall
                FOIA Request from Ted Wahby   

~  Southlake School Board page 8 article:

~  View 1/4/2010 SCS Council meeting:
            Ron, you're not at "America's Got Talent" 
            So stop doing the "X" sign with your hands
            Can you really be so clueless about finances?





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