About the founders

COUNT (Citizens Opposing Unfair Needless Taxes), the political action committee was created in 2005 by Erin Stahl and Thomas Workun, two experienced and dedicated citizens for smaller more responsible government.  They along with the Libertarians of Macomb County shared a vision of creating a group that would inform voters in Macomb County of any ballot initiative that was needless and was misleading the citizens to vote for a tax increase.

Ms. Erin Stahl, BS, MSF
Erin was elected to City Council serving 60,000 residents of St. Clair Shores Michigan from 2003-2007 and was appointed Mayor Pro Tem in 2007.  Being the 19th most populated city in Michigan out of about 350 cities, St. Clair Shores is pretty influential when it comes to government issues. 

While working full-time in Marketing for a global non-automotive manufacturing company, and working part-time ($8,000 annually) as a councilwoman, Erin also went to school at night obtaining her Masters in Finance in 2006 with honors.  It was during this time that Erin discovered how easy it was for businesses and especially governments and individuals to manipulate the information that residents, voters, and taxpayers received.  She was determined to do what she could to inform The Public of the truth.

More information about Erin visit: www.ErinStahl.com and www.YouTube.com User: TruthJusticeForAll

Thomas Workun
Thomas is retired after working at a very successful printing shop.  He currently is dedicated to friends,  family, and the community.  Currently most of his time is taken as the coach for a girls community softball team and the main coordinator for the league to keep the fun continuing on for the young adults.

Tom and Erin had many discussions about the creation of a group to help the voters/citizens of Macomb County.  He has been the backbone of support for COUNT.  Tom was also the mastermind behind the name COUNT (Citizens Opposing Unfair Needless Taxes) and the group's mantra, "Make your vote COUNT!".


Make Your Vote COUNT!
(Future generations are depending on us)


(Citizens Opposing Unfair Needless Taxes)
(586) 774-8181

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